At Maddiola,

Our animals play an important role. Our goats, sheep, and pigs are kind animals. Our guests have the option of feeding the animals (with assistance) as they get to know them and their interesting yet curious ways.

We are also dog friendly so don´t hesitate to bring your family pet while visiting us at Maddiola.


Behia Maddiola   IMG_3723

<<Goats, sheep and Scottish cows are very affectionate . After having them, I fully understand the expression “being like a goat “. They keep quiet, especially the young ones. It’s such a show to contemplate; you can spend hours looking at them. When they see you, they come expecting you to give them bread, and it is then we take the opportunity to touch them and take the smallest ones into our arms. The Scottish cows can be fed and caressed, as they are already part of the family>>.


We like to highlight the alpacas originally from Peru and of the same family as the llamas, which are sheared once a year and with the fleece the wool is spun by hand. This is available for sale.


<<Alpacas are from the same family as the llamas, but do not worry because they do not spit! They are very quiet and totally harmless, up to the point that they can be taken for a walk tied with a rope. When they see someone they get closer, but not malicious, just curiously>>.  Edurne Iriondo, Manager of Maddiola.